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Simple PhysX car simulation

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carsim.7z9.7 mb1529Sep 28. 20191
carsim.zip14.7 mb1739Sep 28. 20192

Physical car simulation using PhysX

Both available files (.zip and .7z) have the same content and will be updated parallely.
For this demo to run you need Nvidia PhysX installed or the executable will fail with some SDK creation error.

Controls are fairly simple:
Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys: navigate car
C: Iterate through available cameras.

The car can be reset via the gui. Also gui and camera settings are available on the control window.

The ground is not endless. You can fall off.
Occasionally the car may fall through the ground if it falls too fast. If you see nothing but a tumbling car then you most likely went through or off the ground. Reset the car if that happens.

Implemented by Stefan Elsen
Car modeled by James Haydock

Car model: Audi quattro R8
Uses: OpenGL, GLU, OpenAL (not atm), Nvidia PhysX, BZ2 library, PNG library



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