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Delta-Works downloads (libraries, examples, documentation)

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animated spheres.zip1 mb987Jan 15. 20081
cgs_viewer.zip653.4 kb1019Jan 15. 20081
entities.zip733.1 kb999Jan 15. 20081
environment.zip2.6 mb1054Jan 15. 20081
gcc_lib(linux).zip1.6 mb955Jan 14. 20081
gcc_lib(win32).zip1.9 mb983Jan 14. 20081
introduction_ppt.zip1.4 mb954Jan 15. 20081
msvc_lib.zip4.1 mb1020Jan 14. 20081

The provided libraries contain the precompiled delta-works library. These files may not always be up to date.
If the libraries lack required components or are not linkable due to plattform incompatibilities then please recompile the library yourself using xmake or any other suitable project builder.

Delta-Works is verified to work with all GCC versions above v3.4.2 (Linux or Windows ports) and MS Visual C++ 2008. Most components also work with the Borland Visual C++ builder v6.0.

(Content in this folder is password protected. Use the general password to access files)



Please choose a section:

Eve tools

Various eve tools

Morningfall (game)

Welcome to the Morningfall project

PhysX Car

Simple PhysX car simulation

Texture Archive

Win32 Texture archive editor


Dynamic library for OpenGL trees. Freeware.

Vertical (game)

Finished sled game. Can be fun for a few hours :)


Delta-Works downloads (libraries, examples, documentation)


Car racing game. Work in progress

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