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Dynamic library for OpenGL trees. Freeware.

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TreeGen Demo Win32.zip2.4 mb1660Nov 02. 20087
experimental dll.zip648.8 kb1129Oct 26. 20082
treelib v0.51 Win32.zip459.5 kb1262Apr 09. 20075
treelib v0.61 Win32.zip512.4 kb1078Aug 27. 20071
treelib v0.62 Win32.zip554.9 kb1039Jan 14. 20082
treelib v0.65 Win32.zip661.4 kb1113Mar 08. 20081
treelib v0.7 Win32.zip751 kb1058Aug 24. 20083
treelib v0.8 Win32.zip1.7 mb1052Oct 26. 20081
treelib v0.85 Win32.zip1.7 mb1283Apr 28. 20094

version 0.85

* Reworked the tree generation algorithm. It features a lot more attributes now and should in general produce nicer trees
* Added wind
* Added snow
* Added options to save and load attribute configurations

version 0.80

* Added imposters
* Added optional bump-maps to branches
* Replaced texture packs with individual textures that can be set via string or OpenGL texture handle
* Textures can now be explicitly loaded before they are actually used the first time preventing runtime lag when using larger textures.
* Added bottom caps (planar and pointy) for scenarios that actually allow viewing trees from below
* Collapsed branch nodes that have neither children nor successors.
* Added extensive lighting and fog support in shaders

version 0.70

* Support for external leaf shaders and auto implementation of internal leaf shaders depending on the state of the global attribute 'TL_LEAF_RENDER_STRATEGY'
* Support for texture files in 'packs' sub-folders (i.e. './packs/default')
This text has been abbreviated. To see the complete text open changelog.txt

Delta-Works TreeLib (c) 2007-2008 Stefan Elsen


What is TreeLib?

TreeLib is a shared library for Linux and Windows to handle trees. The library handles generation, automated detail approximation and rendering in OpenGL.
An existing OpenGL context is required for rendering.
The library may however be used to simply extract the geometries of the generated trees in order to render them via other methods. A valid OpenGL context is not needed in this case.

Are there any restrictions on how to create the used OpenGL context (if any)?

No. Any context will do. With whatever foundation or method created.
In general You should be able to use whatever language as long as it can create an OpenGL context and open DLLs/SOs. The provided headers are for C/C++ only so far though. You may have to improvise.

Is there a version of TreeLib for Direct3d?

Not at this point. If you wish to use this library to render trees using Direct3d, You will have to extract and render the trees manually.

This text has been abbreviated. To see the complete text open readme.txt



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Dynamic library for OpenGL trees. Freeware.

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